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"The larger purpose for using SSL with your online business is in establishing online trust between you and your website Visitor."

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Along with the many benefits shopping on the Internet provides, there are many limitations, the foremost being trust. How can your customer be sure that the online retailer they're considering purchasing from is a real business? Can your customer be sure that this retailer, and only this retailer, is handling their personal information and not some anonymous third party that could be posing as a reputable merchant?

Small SSL Online Trust Program screenshot With conventional brick and mortar storefronts, verification that the business exists and operates is easily accomplished by visiting the store. And now, with our SSL Online Trust Program, verification of an online storefront is just as easy. By providing your customers with an SSL-encrypted ordering process and displaying an Seal on your site, you provide your customers with confidence and a means to easily verifiy that your business is legitimate. By clicking on the Seal, your customers can view the contact information for your business and compare it with the information on your site.

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The Seals are available in a variety of sizes and styles and are size optimized so they load quickly on your site.

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To become a member of the SSL Online Trust Program and include an Seal on your site, you must:

If you don't meet the last two requirements and would like to use our services, please contact us.
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