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"The larger purpose for using SSL with your online business is in establishing online trust between you and your website Visitor."

Foster this trust with the SSL Online Trust Program Seal

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Home: Information provides a variety of services revolving around trust, encryption, and verification:
  • Consulting
  • Data Security and Integrity services
  • End to End Encryption
  • Trust Verification services

The sites we provide these services to are all hosted by Internet Connection. If you are not an Internet Connection customer and are interested in using our services, please visit the hosting signup form. If you are an Internet Connection customer and wish to begin using's services, please acquire an ssl account.

Of the services that we provide our most popular products by far are data encryption and trust verification. With these two services, we provide our clients with the tools that are essential for doing business on the Internet:

  1. a means to collect sensitive data without fear that it will be compromised
  2. a means to demonstrate that once they have the sensitive data, it will be handled responsibly
When most people think about security and privacy on the Internet their thoughts turn mostly to encryption. Afterall, web-based order forms that ask for sensitive information must utilize some form of encryption to ensure that the data entered by the customer is not observed by a third party while en route to the merchant. SSL provides application-level encryption for just this purpose.

What most people don't realize is that encryption itself provides no assurance that once the data has been received by the merchant, it will be kept "safe". This is where trust verification, via the SSL Online Trust Program becomes vital.

SSL Online Trust Program

Business trust is one of the hardest things to convey for an Internet-based shop. The SSL Online Trust Program allows you to demonstrate that your business does have established business relationships in real-time.

Besides providing a more visual indication that SSL encryption is active, the seal hyperlinks to the customer's own web page at where Visitors can view organizational contact details to get assurance that the form is, indeed, handled by the customer's organization and not another organization they may not recognize.
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