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Registrar transfer
Secure Registrar Transfer Form

Note: At this time Internet Connection can only preform registrar transfers for .COM, .NET, .ORG, .CC, .INFO, .BIZ and .US domain names. Also, there are two situations in which this process will not work without additional steps:
  1. The administrative contact's email address in this domain name's WHOIS record is incorrect. Help on this situation.
  2. There is a balance owed to the current domain name registrar. Help on this situation.

Domain Name Information

Domain Name: (required)
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Username: (required)
Password: (required)
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The username and password will enable you to make changes to your domain name information in the future. The username and password can only contain the characters a-z and 0-9.
  Please list me as the Technical Contact for this domain name.

Organization Information

This can be your personal name.
Street Address: (required)
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Billing Information

A Note on Credit Card Security

In the interest of protecting your credit card information, Internet Connection asks that you provide either AVS, CVV2 or both types of credit card verification information.

AVS information is the address associated with the credit card. In most cases this is your billing address with AVS1 being the street address and AVS2 being the zipcode.

CVV2 is another number that's printed on the back of Visa and Mastercard and on the front of American Express cards. Here's some examples of CVV2 numbers:

Visa/Mastercard CVV2 example Empty image American Express CVV2 example

Card: (required)
Credit Card Number:
Expiration Date:
Name On Card:
CVV2 Number:


Please double-check all of the information you entered above before submitting the form.

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